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A Place for Poets in Ukraine to have their poetry posted.

We welcome submissions by Ukraine poets. Please tell us which City you are in or from. We make no promises about posting and cannot promise copyright protection.

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Вітаємо поетів України!

Poems by Ukraine poets.

Sense of Justices

I can’t live in peace when people are starving,
I can’t live in peace when in hard work they have scarring.

I am in pain for the fate of people
who gave their lives to the state.
I am closing my eyes, nothing is great.

I am in pain, the fate I was bitten,
because grief is so hitter.

If I could, I would buy justice from God
If I could, I would buy justice from God,
I would never make a ballad,
in the arms of mercy and love,
I will protect all people,
as do the same the Churcher’s beadle.

Salutes of Peace
On the morning of January the first,
You will find the remains of burst,
noisy firecrackers and bright fireworks
which brought to people’s faces smirks.

The sky bathes in bright colors,
it sparkles and tears without mufflers,
fireflies enchant the audience and don’t coerce
to stand, as they would like, diverse.

The soul trembles kindly from the explosion,
behind the blows, there is no eviction,
from home, from the country, and from life.
Everyone will be calm, including my mother and miracle wife.

Lead Rain
Pinches the frost,
the tank is buzzing on the road,
22 days Ukrainians pay a heavy cost,
freedom for Ukrainians is in the blood as a genetic code.

Ahead of the battle,
the defense is held by soldiers,
I pray that they will drive out enemies like cattle,
the Ukrainian borders will be taken by the defending holders.
Not alone on the battlefield
In rotten soot and roaden dust,
the warrior does what he must,
to protect the state and the family,
temporarily his thoughts are unhappily.

The enemy trample our land,
he had not yet heard the sounds of the mortality band,
which flying in the air,
but his suffering nobody does not care.

Sincerely Yours,
Vyacheslav (Slava) Kyiv.


About the author: Steven Robert Heine is an American West Coast poet. He has spent his life writing poetry and promoting the reading of it. He visited Odessa, Ukraine in 2004 and is familiar with the culture and the people of Ukraine. He is very supportive of the current fight for freedom of the Ukrainian people.
He hopes to provide this site as a service to the poets of Ukraine.


Продовжуйте боротьбу з добрими українцями. За свободу завжди варто боротися. Бог з тобою.

Steven Robert Heine is a West Coast poet & author.. Heine has spent his life promoting poetry; serving as founder for many poetry contests. He is the author of fifteen books, including poetry, history and his own short auto-biographies. His books can be found on Ebay, Amazon and Amazon Kindle.
Heine was crippled in a fall in 2011 and now makes very few public appearances.